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44 prompts that help you discover and pass on
your vision, wit, wonder, and wisdom about life.
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Sheryl Colwell

Sheryl Colwell
Artist & Scrapbook Instructor

elcome to My Living Legacy, a process that is likely to open you up to all kinds of creative possibilities!

Although many people write their legacies, I chose to respond to the prompts with a series of collages that included photographs, quotes, and other visual memorabilia. Upon completion of each piece, I sewed the collages into the journal, creating pocket-envelopes for letters, cards, and other keepsakes. You can view some of my designs (and learn how to apply these techniques to your journal) here. Until then,  Express yourself!  Confirm your style!  Mark your existence!

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3 Shades of Paper (I used purple, white, & aqua)
Embossing Gun and Gold Embossing Power (fine)
5 Brads
VersaMark Stamp Pad
Glue Stick
Various Stamps
Sewing Machine Needle


Plus a favorite saying or caption for your page
(Be sure to print it out in a font that will fit the front rectangle of your page.)

Background (aqua paper)

To create the crackle effect, use the crackle stamp, the VersaMark watermark stamp pad, and fine gold embossing powder to cover the entire page.  Once embossed, measure 1 inch from the top and bottom edge for ribbon placement and mark wrong side with a pencil mark.  Cut the ribbon 2 inches longer than the width of your page.  Place the ribbon on page and wrap each edge with 1 inch of extra ribbon (you may want to use a few dabs of your glue stick to hold the ribbon in place).  Measure in ¼ inch along your ribbon from each side edge, mark with a pencil and then pierce with the sewing machine needle.  Now you are ready to insert your brads, making sure to catch the ribbon on both front and back of the page. You will use 4 brads, one for each corner.

Saying | Caption Block (purple and white paper)

Cut two rectangles:  The background rectangle is larger (mine is 2 x 3 inches, purple) and the front rectangle is a bit smaller (mine is 1-3/4 x 2-1/2 inches, white).  Using your glue stick, glue your caption or saying to the front rectangle.  To emboss the edges of the rectangles, slide each edge along the ink pad and into the gold powder before embossing.  Glue the rectangles together and then glue the combination on top of the ribbon at the bottom of the page, centered between the brads at the ends of your ribbon.

TEA BAG STAR (purple and white paper)
» Cutting

Cut 16 squares; the inner star consists of 8 squares (mine are 2 inch purple squares) and there are 8 squares to form the outer points (mine are made from 2 inch white squares).

» Folding

All 16 squares are folded the same way as follows: Place a square in front of you and turn it so that it looks like a diamond. Take the bottom point and bring it up to the top point, folding the square in half.  You now have a triangle.  Unfold.  The crease is your center line.  Turn the square so that the center line runs top to bottom and your square is once again in the diamond shape.  From here on you will be making a kite-shaped piece. Take the right point and bring it to the center line so that what was the bottom right edge of the diamond lies along the center line.  Now press this down flat.  Do the same with the left point, bringing it to the center line and pressing the side piece down flat.  You should now have your kite shaped piece (narrow point at the bottom and wide point at the top).  Fold the other 15 pieces in exactly the same way.  Decorate your inner and outer star pieces as you desire.  (I decorated only my inner purple star by dragging each narrow point onto the ink pad and then into the gold powder for embossing. I chose to stamp and gold emboss each wide point with the same design.)

» Assembly

Measure the width of your page to find the center and decide, top to bottom, where you’d like to place your star.  Mark the point where you want the center of your star to be and pierce that point with your sewing needle.  Using your glue stick, spread only 1 inch of glue along each of the 4 inner (purple) kite-shaped pieces, starting at the narrow point (so that only the narrow points will be glued down).  Take these 4 glued pieces and arrange them as the top half of your star, using your center mark to work from (place the narrow point at your center mark).  Now glue the 4 remaining inner (purple) pieces to complete the bottom half of your star.  Attach your last brad through the center of the star.  For the outer (white) points, insert the remaining 8 kite-shaped pieces, wide point first, between each juncture of the (purple) star pieces (see picture above).  Once you have your star pieces positioned the way you like them, finish gluing all points down.  WOW!