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My Living Legacy
creative arts journal
44 prompts that help you discover and pass on
your vision, wit, wonder, and wisdom about life.
Butterfly Journal Cover
Heart Journal Cover
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Undersea Journal Cover
Sky Journal Cover
Fire Journal Cover
Mandala Journal Cover
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Created as a gift to a loved one, My Living Legacy opens from the middle to four pages that inspire written and/or visual reflection on 44 dimensions of your distinct way of being. Entries can be handwritten or, using Word, you can choose your font and colors and paste your entries in. As a tool for reflection and self-discovery, the journal’s unique layout allows you to use the existing 44 creative cues to create an infinite number of new prompts. Simply hold a left hand prompt such as LOVE stationary and flip the pages on the right. What arises when, for example, you think about LOVE/My Influences, LOVE/Letting Go, LOVE/A Just Cause?

To Whom Will You Leave Your Legacy?

My Living Legacy is a gift of deep meaning to or for new parents, empty nesters, grandparents, children of various ages, life partners, a teacher or mentor, a loved one in hospice or recovery or someone seeking to make whole seemingly unconnected parts of themselves. For the lucky recipient of your story, the journal includes a Dedication including the prompt My Wish for You.

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» 7 journal covers from which to choose
» Unique open-from-center layout for
short-short stories in pictures and words
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